College Admissions Officers “Get It”

Brennan Barnard, the Director of College Counseling at the Derryfield School in New Hampshire, is a frequent contributor to Forbes Magazine on all topics related to college admission and the well-being of high school students (I was quoted in an article of his back in 2019). Recently published is his three-part series entitled, “We Get It! College Admissions Deans Speak Out.” I think the advice offered by him and the dozens of college admissions officers he interviewed speaks for itself – people on the college side of this process understand well the myriad of difficult questions and circumstances students are facing as a result of this crisis and will take these into account during application review for years to come. I hope their words will offer some comfort as you navigate these final weeks of the school year.

Links to parts two and three can be found in the final paragraph of the initial article.

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