UGA EA Decision Release Day Is Here!

Later this afternoon, the University of Georgia will release it’s 2021 EA application decisions. David Graves, Interim Senior Executive Director of Admissions at UGA, does a terrific job keeping prospective students and applicants updated on all things UGA admissions and even goes so far as to answer questions posted in the comments section of their blog. His forthrightness and thoughtfulness is worth appreciating.

The statistics David shares on this year’s applicant pool are remarkable. And he reminds us, “This is data on the total EA applicant pool, and not on the group we will be accepting (which will be higher).” Highly competitive indeed. Reasons for the big increase in applications? New to the Common App this year, continued growth in major southern university application pools (we continue to graduate more students each year down here and folks from elsewhere just like the warmth of our winter sun!), perhaps growth in applications from neighboring Florida as the UGA system is rightly test optional – my guess is it’s a combination of these three and more.

Applicants (of which I know a few!), I encourage you to read David’s entire post here. He explains the decisions UGA releases and offers sincere advice on how you should proceed. Good luck!

Late afternoon addition: David Graves has posted statistics on this year’s EA admitted class. Take a look here.